Smith Family Line (Adron Bumgarner maternal)

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Ancestor Name Birth / Death Married To Children - Direct Line is in red Photos
Frances Smith ? ? Known Child:
bullet*Frances Smith*
Frances Smith Born 1804 Married Eliza Hill Smith about 1823

Eliza b. 1806

Eliza parents:  John Hill and Annie Naomi Camp Hill

Known Child:
bullet*Francis Marion Smith*


Francis Marion Smith

known as Frank?

Born Jan 30, 1832; Died 1895

Buried at Ballew Springs Cemetery, Parker County, TX

Married Harriet Jane Schenck Smith in 1853 in Jacksonville, AL

Harriet:  b. 1836, d. 1934


Harriet Jane on left / her sisters? on right


Harriet Schenck's Parents were John Schenck (b. June 7, 1807) and Harriett Hannah Allyn (b. Oct. 24, 1802 in New London Connecticutt).  They married Nov. 24, 1831 in Lincoln Co., NC.

Click this for Schenck History


Click here for a letter written by Harriet Allyn Schenck to her younger sister Jane

Known Child:
bullet*Lillian Erdean Smith*
Lillian Erdean Smith Bumgarner

Click to see Gus and Erdean Slide Show

Born:  Feb 16, 1875

Died 1953

1933 - Gus and Erdean homestead 30 mi south of Animas, NM near Cloverdale



Married Christopher Gustavas Bumgarner July 18, 1896

Born:  Oct 19, 1875 - Garner, TX  Died: Nov 20, 1971 - Pamona, Calif.

Above:  Gus and Erdeans' 50th Anniv


1927/28 - Gus with Great grandkids, Raymond and Adra Fay


1954ish-Gus, Raymond holding Carol, and Adrenne (4 generations)







7 Children:

bulletIva Deane Bumgarner
bulletb. 11/7/1897 in Garner, Parker Co. Texas
bulletdied ?;
bulletMarried Ed Stoker 9/13/1919 in Garner, Parker Co. TX
bullet2 children:
bulletTerence Elwyn Stoker, b. 9/5/1920, m. Josephine Pileri
bulletLenore Stoker Chapman Heninger, b. 8/30/1921, d. 1/20/1971; m. John William Chapman, deceased; later m. Bob Heninger
bulletMattie Jane Bumgarner
bulletb. 1898 in Parker Co., TX
bulletd. 8/29/1914 Parker Co., TX; buried in Ballew Springs cemetery (headstone)
bullet*Adrenne (Adron) Absalom Bumgarner*
bulletb. 6/15/1901, Parker Co., TX
bulletd. 10/2/1991, Las Cruces, NM
bulletMarried Gladys Coalson in Parker Co. 8/20/1922
bullet2 Children listed on next line

May and Mabel (Slide Show)


bulletTWIN: Una May Bumgarner (Slide Show); (Read info about May and family by daughter Virginia: Pg 1, Pg 2, Pg 3, Pg 4, Pg 5 )
bulletb. Jun 8, 1905, Parker Co., TX
bulletd. Jan 18, 1997, Prescott, AZ; buried at Chino Valley Cemetery in Chino Valley, AZ
bulletMarried Chester (Buck) Beasley on Oct. 29, 1923 in Las Cruces, NM (Chester b. 1902 Organ NM territory, d. 1994 Prescott AZ)
bullet3 children:
bulletVirginia May Beasley (slide show), b. Dec. 18, 1924, married Robert Shull
bulletWinston Beasley, b. 1930?, d. 1970 - married Elaine
bulletChester 'Garner' Beasley, b. 1938? - married Madonna
bulletTWIN: Mabel Bumgarner (Slide Show)
bulletb. Jun 8, 1905, Parker Co., TX
bulletd. 1934 in car wreck in Phoenix, AZ
bulletMarried Bill Steppe
bulletNo Children

Belva and Elwa (Slide Show)


bulletTWIN: Belva Eleanor Bumgarner (Slide Show)
bulletb. Jun 8, 1908, Parker Co., TX
bulletd. Aug 13, 2001 in Las Cruces, NM
bulletMarried Karl Bradd
bulletTWIN:  Elwa Estelle Bumgarner (Slide Show)
bulletb. Jun 8, 1908, Parker Co., TX
bulletd. Aug 12, 1989 in Silver City, NM while living in Glenwood, NM
bulletMarried Jim Estes

YES, the 2nd set of twins had same birthday as 1st set.  and I've heard they are in the Guinness Book of World Records because of that.

Adrenne (later Adron) Absalom Bumgarner ("A.A.")

Adron Bumgarner Slide Show

Moved from Texas to New Mexico around 1922


Sept 1918 - Adrenne Bumgarner draft card (contributed by Brian Bumgardner)


Born:  June 15, 1901, Parker Co., TX

Died:  October 2,  1991, Las Cruces, NM



Married Gladys Coalson Bumgarner Aug 20, 1922'

b. Jan 16, 1900, Bethesda Co., TX

d. April 14, 1967; living at Gila, NM, buried Las Cruces, NM

Adron and Gladys Houses and Decor



Adron and Gladys


Adron married Stella a year or so after Gladys' death.  Later divorced Stella.

bullet*Raymond Arthur Bumgarner*
bulletb. 12/22/1923, Chamberino, NM
bulletd. 11/14/2000, Las Cruces, NM
bulletAdra Fay Bumgarner
bulletb. 10/17/1925, Las Cruces, NM
bulletd. 6/30/80 - Albuquerque, NM, Buried Las Cruces, NM

Raymond Arthur Bumgarner

Photo Album Made By Ray - Slide Show

World War II - received Bronze Star

Raymond's World War II Memories


Was Electrical Engineer at Physical Science Laboratories (PSL) at New Mexico State University

b. 12/22/1923 in La Mesa, NM

d.  11/14/2000 in Las Cruces, NM

Married Annabelle Gray Bumgarner on Feb. 2, 1952 in Las Cruces, NM

b. 9/14/1925 in Kansas

d. 9/23/2003 in Las Cruces, NM

Raymond and Annabelle Children:


*Carol Arleen (Bumgarner) King* (b. 1952)


Steven Arthur Bumgarner (b. 1954)


Gladys Jean (Bumgarner) Van De Mark (b.1955)


Kay Evelyn (Bumgarner) Liebmann (b. 1958  d. 2005)


Raymond and Annabelle in front

Kids L>R: Gladys, Kay, Steve, Carol

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Fred and Carol Child:
bulletTamara Renee King Safarik, b. 1975 - married Doug Safarik in Sept, 2004. They currently reside in Santa Fe, NM where Tamara works as an attorney and Doug is PhD chemical engineer at Los Alamos
bulletJackson Bryce Safarik - b. 06/14/2008