Lamkin Family Line (Gladys Coalson maternal)

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John Harvey Lamkin

b. Jan 29, 1819

d. Aug 18, 1870; buried at Bethesda Cemetery, Parker Co., TX

See info at Roots Web

Married Syntha Louisa McCain

b. Nov 16, 1821

d. Mar 19, 1917; buried at Bethesda Cemetery, Parker Co. TX





7 Children:
bulletEzekiel Elijah Lamkin - b: 10 Feb 1842 d: 7 Aug 1923; m. Lucinda Sebastian
bulletJames Harvey Lamkin - b: 27 Aug 1844 d: 27 Jan 1927; m. Arminda Jane Edwards
bulletMary Louisa Lamkin - b: 7 Apr 1847 d: 26 Mar 1870; m. John Ladd
bulletNancy Jane Lamkin - b: 10 Jun 1850 d: 21 Jun 1921; m. James Henry Carr
bullet*John Hill Lamkin* (1853)
bulletDavid Waggoner Lamkin - b: 10 Aug 1856 d: 23 Mar 1933; m. Nancy Elizabeth Edwards
bulletSusan Elizabeth Lamkin - b: 3 Oct 1860 d: 19 Feb 1885; m. Henry Rose Wall

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Syntha Louisa McCain Lamkin and aging kids about 1912 (below)


Lamkin Edwards Group Photo (below) - guessing-> 1860s

John Hill Lamkin

TRANSLATION:  Nov 30, 1905-John Lamkin letter to Hattie and Hugh Kuhn





b. April 10, 1853

d. March 23, 1941

Bethesda Cemetery

Married Louisa Sophronia "Lou" Evans

b. March 5, 1858

d. Jan 4, 1929

Bethesda Cemetery

TRANSLATION:  "Lou" Lamkin letter to "girls" - Nov 30, 1903 (date determined by reference to "mother's 93rd birthday" and Lou's mother was born 11/30/1810 I guess her mother was 43 when she had "Lou" - wow!)

Louisa Parents:

D.V. Evans (b. Aug 15, 1823 d. Aug 14, 1883) and Martha Evans (b. Nov 30, 1810, and d. Apr 16, 1909) Looks like she was 13 yrs older than him.

Bethesda Cemetery

Known Children:
bulletJames Lemuel Lamkin - b. 01/29/1877; d. 06/19/1952; married 'Mattie Lee' (b. 03/12/1877, d. 07/10/1961)
bullet*Mattie Thornhill Lamkin* (b. 1879)
bulletHattie Jane Lamkin - b. 07/25/1884; d. 09/27/1976; married Hugh Lea Kuhn (b. 09/28/1878; d. 11/1/1963)


Glenda and I think that this is Mattie and sis Hattie



Mattie Thornhill Lamkin Coalson







b. Jan 9, 1879

d. June 1, 1964, Bethesda, Parker Co., TX Bethesda Cemetery


Married Vines Lindsey Coalson II Jan. 25, 1899, Parker Co. TX

b. Dec. 2, 1872, Parker Co. TX

d. Dec. 15, 1943, Bethesda, Parker Co., TX

Bethesda Cemetery



Children (7 of them):


*Gladys Faye Coalson* -b. 01/16/1900; d. 4/14/1967; married Adron Bumgarner


John "Wayne" Coalson - b. 10/5/1902; d. 8/31/1990; married Viola (Vi) Dallas on 5/31/1931 (Viola b. 4/16/1910; d. 10/27/1996)

Slide Show of Wayne Coalson

Connie Gene Coalson (1/20/1931)


Edwin Worth Coalson (5/22/1933)



Vines "Brooks" Coalson - b. 11/4/1904; d. 10/19/1985; married Annie Lois Throckmorton on 10/19/1924 (Annie b. 05/06/1908; d. 09/25/1985)

Kenneth Karl Coalson (7/4/1925)


Johnny Brooks Coalson (10/3/1926)


Annie Margaret Coalson (11/25/1928)


Mary Evelyn Coalson (2/2/1939); m. Gerald Lester Baldwin





"Lemuel" Barrett Coalson - b. 1/1/1909;

d. 3/4/2001 ; married G. Evelyn Mullenix 11/25/1937 (Evelyn b. 12/12/1913; d. 09/17/1984)

Patricia Kay Coalson -b.8/15/1941


Lana Gay Coalson - b.10/22/1944; d. 09/13/1984



Mattie "Fern" Coalson- b. 2/16/1912 - married Dowe Ray Hudson 11/25/1937 (Fern still living 8/2008)

Joy Sue Hudson - b. 12/03/1942; d. 07/21/1948


Nancy Lou Hudson - b. 10/15/1946; m. Jerry Dean Owen in Dec, 1966 (yr?)

Christopher Shawn Owen - b. 05/26/1967



TWIN:  "Marshall" Hugh Coalson- b. 9/28/1914; d. 11/27/1992; married Hazel Irene Dalton on 12/27/1937 (Hazel born 11/11/1918); 3 children:

Russell Hugh Coalson (photo) b.5/28/1940; married Janet Louise Floyd on 06/01/1961 - 4 children:

Kenneth Wayne Coalson -  b. 11/06/1962; d. 04/30/1992


Karen Susan Coalson - b. 09/28/1965; married Mark Glover, Sr.

Mark T. Glover, Jr.


Mindy Kay  Coalson -  b. 08/19/1969; d. 02/09/1975


Krystle Dawn Coalson -  b. 10/12/1973


Linda Jean Coalson b.12/4/1943; m. ? Ware


Nelda Irene Coalson b.3/8/1946; m. Andrew Jackson Young on 05/11/1943 - 3 children:

Amy Carole Young - b. 06/2?/1968 (?)


Andrea Jane Young - b. 01/1?/1969


Melissa Dawn Young - b. 03/07/1971



TWIN: Mary "Lou" Coalson- b. 9/28/1914; died ??; married James Claude Martin 6/24/1933

Euford Lowell Martin (12/20/1934)


Melva Fern Martin (10/16/1936)


Anthony Vines Martin (7/27/1940)


Cynthia Ann Martin (7/7/1943)


Coalson brothers below - Click on photo to enlarge.  Please let me know if I have named them correctly and can someone estimate the year taken?






Left to right above:  Marshall, Lem, Brooks, Wayne  (Do I have that right?)


How about this one?

Is it Lem, Fern, Mary Lou, Marshall, with Brooks standing up behind?



Gladys Faye Coalson Bumgarner

Gladys (Coalson) Bumgarner Slide Show


Gladys Bumgarner Paintings

Moved from Texas to New Mexico around 1922

b. Jan 16, 1900, Bethesda Co., TX


d. April 14, 1967; living at Gila, NM, buried Las Cruces, NM




Married Adron Absalom Bumgarner Aug 20, 1922

Born:  June 15, 1901, Parker Co., TX

Died:  October 2,  1991, Las Cruces, NM


Adron and Gladys Houses and Decor


bullet*Raymond Arthur Bumgarner*
bulletb. 12/22/1923, Chamberino, NM
bulletd. 11/14/2000, Las Cruces, NM
bulletAdra Fay Bumgarner
bulletb. 10/17/1925, Las Cruces, NM
bulletd. 6/30/80 - Albuquerque, NM, Buried Las Cruces, NM

Raymond Arthur Bumgarner

Photo Album Made By Ray - Slide Show

World War II - received Bronze Star

Raymond's World War II Memories


Was Electrical Engineer at Physical Science Laboratories (PSL) at New Mexico State University

b. 12/22/1923 in La Mesa, NM

d.  11/14/2000 in Las Cruces, NM

Married Annabelle Gray Bumgarner on Feb. 2, 1952 in Las Cruces, NM

b. 9/14/1925 in Kansas

d. 9/23/2003 in Las Cruces, NM

Raymond and Annabelle Children:


*Carol Arleen (Bumgarner) King* (b. 1952)


Steven Arthur Bumgarner (b. 1954)


Gladys Jean (Bumgarner) Van De Mark (b.1955)


Kay Evelyn (Bumgarner) Liebmann (b. 1958  d. 2005)


Raymond and Annabelle in front

Kids L>R: Gladys, Kay, Steve, Carol

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