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Ancestor Name Birth / Death Married To Children - Direct Line In Red Photos
Benjamin Gray B. Feb. 27, 1800 in Broubon Co., Ky.

d. Unknown

Married Mary Elizabeth Wood Gray April 4, 1833 in Cayhuga Co., NY


b. April 12, 1804

d. Unknown


bulletAmanda Anderson Gray, b. 5/22/1834 in Franklin Co. OH; d. 7/26/1901; married Hezekiah Biggs in 1857 who died in Battle of Champion Hill in the Civil War; later married William Hartsock in 1869
bulletMartha Young Gray, b. 3/20/1836 in Franklin Co., OH; d. 10/6,1853; married John Warner Hiatt in March 1917
bullet*Allan H. Gray*, b. 3/27/1838 in Franklin Co, OH; d. 9/6/1885 in Ida Co., IA; married Louisa Sohia Morse in Sept 1859
bulletSarah Amelia Gray, b. 11/25/1840 in W Lebanon, IN; d. 6/5/1897; married Amos Hatfield in Sept 1858, later married John J. Hanston
bulletMary Elizabeth Gray, b. 2/14/1843 in W. Lebanon, IN; d. 4/22/1918; married Moses Pickett in 1857
bulletWilliam Harrison Gray, b. 7/27/1847 in W. Lebanon, IN; d. 1/21/1926; married Mary Ann Rich in Dec., 1870
Allan H. Gray

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b. March 27, 1838 in Franklin Co. Ohio


d. Sept 6,1885 in Ida Co, Iowa


Married Louisa Sophia Morse Gray Sept 1, 1859


b. October 21, 1840 in Bradford Co., Pa.

d. April 21, 1929 in Las Cruces, NM



Louisa's parents were Amos Osman Morse, b. 12/13/1819 in Bradford, Pa., d. 7/2/1893

AND Rosilla M. Pratt, b. 9/20/1823 in Bradford Co., Pa., d. 12/23/1847

They were married 11/24/1839


Amos Osman Morse parents were Israel Morse, b. 9/3/1786 in Rutland Co., Vt., d. 12/8/1877

AND Sophia Farnum, b. 3/10/1790, d. 3/26/1839

They were married 3/18/1816


bullet*William Fenimore Gray* b. 4/19/1862 in Otter Creek, Iowa; d. 1/30/1952 in Colo.
bulletAmos Hezekiah Gray - b. 9/21/1864 in Tama Co., Iowa; d. July 1946; married Mary E. Tourgee 3/24/1887; later married Alfa D. Laverty in May, 1923
bulletEdwin Appleton Gray b. 3/4/1868 in Tama Co., Iowa; d. unknown; married Emily Kelley Oct 1892
bulletAdopted:  Lula Eugenia Morse, adopted Gray, b. 3/9/1874 in Tama Co., Iowa; d. unknown; married Frank D. Frafus Jan 1899

Seated:  Allen H, Lula Eugenia, Louisa  Standing: Amos, William F., Edwin

William Fenimore Gray

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Born:  Apr 19, 1862 (Otter Creek, Tama Co., Iowa)

Died:  Jan 30, 1954 (Pueblo, Jefferson Co., Colo.)



Married Annie Electra Brasted Gray Sept 1, 1886 at Annie's parents in Schaller, Iowa


b. June 5, 1861 Ripley, Chautauqua Co., NY

d. Jan 29, 1907 of cancer; Carnegie, OK


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William later married Jessie Roach in 1920


*Children of William F and Annie:
bulletBessie Amelia Gray, b. 7/31/1888 in Woodbine, Ia.; d. 1/15/1977;  Married Clyde M. Becker in June 1912
bulletLuissa Adaline Gray, b. 3/31/91 in Woodbine, Ia.; d. 2/12/1975;  Married Marvin H. Davis in Sept 1913
bullet*Allan Brasted Gray* b. Sept 18, 1892 in Indianola, Ia.; d. 4/12/1974 in Las Cruces, NM; married Dorothy Scott Davidson in Oct, 1920
bulletFred Edwin Gray, b. 10/10/1896 in Hanyang, China; d. 12/29/1962;  Married Maurine Vera Moore June 29, 1922 in Pottsville, TX

William later married Jessie Roach in 1920

*Children of William F and Jessie:

bulletRobert William Gray, b. 9/29/1920 in Hot Springs, NM; d. 3/22/1943 in Strait of Sicily; married Burta Raye Fite in July 1942 in Las Cruces, NM


William F. later married Jessie Roach in 1920.

Allan Brasted Gray

Served in World War I from 8/8/1918 to 8/1/1919 the with Army Corps of Engineers 319th in France. PFC. Company E

Born:  Sept 18, 1892 (Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa)

Died:  April 12, 1974 (Las Cruces, NM)


Married Dorothy Davidson Gray on Oct. 12, 1920

Born:  Nov 30, 1896 (Pinos Altos, Grant Co., NM)

Died:  Sept. 15, 1991 (Las Cruces, NM)

bulletRussell Gray, Sr.
bulletHelen Gray
bullet*Annabelle Gray*
bulletBetty Gray
bulletAllan Gray, Jr.


Annabelle Gray Bumgarner

Annabelle with Carol on lap; niece Dorothy and nephew Rusty




b. 9/14/1925 in Kansas

d. 9/23/2003 in Las Cruces, NM


Married Raymond Arthur Bumgarner on Feb. 2, 1952 in Las Cruces, NM

b. 12/22/1923 in La Mesa, NM

d.  11/14/2000 in Las Cruces, NM

Raymond and Annabelle Children:


*Carol Arleen (Bumgarner) King* (b. 1952)


Steven Arthur Bumgarner (b. 1954)


Gladys Jean (Bumgarner) Van De Mark (b.1955)


Kay Evelyn (Bumgarner) Liebmann (b. 1958  d. 2005)


Raymond and Annabelle in front

Kids L>R: Gladys, Kay, Steve, Carol

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Fred and Carol Child:
bulletTamara Renee King Safarik, b. 1975 - married Doug Safarik in Sept, 2004. They currently reside in Santa Fe, NM where Tamara works as an attorney and Doug is PhD chemical engineer at Los Alamos
bulletJackson Bryce Safarik - b. 06/14/2008